Pakistan has a strong industrial base including textiles, jewelry,home furniture, Devand pharmaceuticals, assisted by the expanding transport network which includes newly built motorways. Faisalabad has an area of 5,856 sq km and a population of approximately 3.54 million inhabitants. The city https://argumentativeessay.net has rich agricultural https://persuasiveessay.org soil and is the home to major textile industries due to the excessive availability of raw material and labor. Investments in Real Estate Faisalabad or Property in Faisalabad present low risk and chances of good return, according to a survey.The fertile agricultural land and major textile units make Faisalabad a commercial property seeker paradise. Major businesses of textiles and agriculture need to accommodate their ever expanding factory units outside the city. The charm of this metropolitan city and attractive business opportunities has made this city a hub of property investors.A severe housing shortage and short construction cycles ensure strong prices, easy sales and quick returns. The investment climate is made even more favorable by the rapid growth of Pakistan and therein after Faisalabad economy, at an estimated rate of 8 percent in 2006. Pakistan tourism industry is also gaining speed thanks to attractions such as Textile Hub or Textile Bay Faisalabad, announced as one of the most Reliable and Quality Textile or Garments Market of the World in July.Faisalabad has successfully attracted foreign capital with investment-friendly policies. In addition, the government of Pakistan has extended investment-friendly policies to attract foreign capital. In order to lure the private investor, Pakistan strongly democratic government beefed up protections for private investors, removed any restrictions on money transfers in or out, and allowed for foreign entities to own real property in entire Faisalabad, in Real Estate Karachi, Real Estate Islamabad, Real Estate Sialkot and Real Estate Lahore.

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